Shaniya Nawaz : A writer who love to inspire people with her writings

Shaniya Nawaz : A writer who love to inspire people with her writings

Shaniya Nawaz-A writer who love to inspire people

Shaniya Nawaz, daughter of ShahNawaz Khan and Nikhat Nazneen. A 20 yrs old girl residing from a small village Kolowna in dist. Gaya Bihar. She had completed her schooling from D.A.V Public school (Medical) in Gaya (Bihar). 

Currently she is pursuing her bachelor's degree in Botany Hons. She's final year student and also a law aspirant who believes that writing is the most lethal weapon a person can use to defeat his enemy. she believe in a quote by Colin Powell. 

" A dream doesn't become reality through magic ; it takes sweat , determination and hard work." She had nurtured her writing skills during her school days. She had got an award with the title "Writer of the year award, Aspiring Poetess Award" From Forever Star Award, Elite Books Award and Indian Noble Award as she's contributed her dedication in more than 30 National and International anthologies and she's also a Compiler of an anthology called An Unknown Story. 

Shaniya Nawaz-A writer who love to inspire people

She's self taught writer and author in being. She’s also working on her Solo debut book. At the start she wasn’t able to cross the even one or two lines but constantly she worked on her English vocabulary enhancement and now she’s working to get her own Solo Book out. 

Besides being a writer, Shaniya has a deep interest in reading as well. She considers books as her mentors and keeps on reiterating people to read more and more. Shaniya Nawaz, first uprising author from her village has already won nominations from other prominent Awards like Bhartiya youth face of India, Stellar Talent Awards, Awards Arc. Shaniya finds writing a soul soother. 

Shaniya holds a belief that words can connect more easily to the world around than any other source of medium. Now she's Compiler, co-author and also a project head under a publishing house namely The Quill House. In her writing she put the savor that touches the chords of heart, as she write within deep Contemplation and observation. 

She has been an active participant in poetry competitions and open mic events. She always tries to be the best version of herself. Her biggest dream is to make an NGO for the needy people and also to become a great lawyer. She have sought inspiration from great ideologues among which APJ Abdul Kalam, Maulana rumi and Allama Iqbaal too. 

Besides being a writer she's first artist and calligrapher from her village as well


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