Aabid Mir : CEO and Founder of Energym Unisex Crossfit Gym

Aabid Mir : Once was a working for MNC now is the CEO and Founder of Energym Unisex Crossfit Gym

Aabid Mir : Once was a working for MNC now is the CEO and Founder of Energym Unisex Crossfit Gym

Aabid Mir, the resident of Bandipora, was once working in MNC but now is the CEO and Founder of Energym Unisex Crossfit Gym with the overall memberships of more than 700 clients

Aabid Mir have studied BBA from pune university And have completed MBA from Institute of Management Studies Dehradoon.

This story is a mission, it holds much deeper meaning in the life of Aabid Mir than just telling the world what he went through, who he is, what he is made of and what life made him decide to do in such circumstances.

Aabid Mir : Once was a working for MNC now is the CEO and Founder of Energym Unisex Crossfit Gym

It might help someone prevent getting stuck in situations like Aabid Mir have and find better, timely resolution of issues that if overlooked can leave deep, painful scars.

The world is full of people who take pride in making us feel stupid should we dare to show any emotion other than elation, anger, boisterousness. To shun us on exposing our vulnerabilities

The first step towards healing is the understanding of your position in life. Acceptance of one’s situation as it is without any form of manipulation marks the beginning of where things can only get better.

Like anyone Aabid Mir, else too could keep the dark shades of his personality hidden, He too could never speak of his vulnerabilities, the troubles in his life or even if he would, he could keep the gory details of the life and other personal troubles to himself

When you dream of something, the universe conspires to make it happen and Aabid Mir, truly believes this. Most often, college students feel confined by their major and their line of study. 

‘You’re an MBA, so you have to work for a reputed company.’ This idea is deeply embedded in all of us. When we have spent two years studying business administration, we have to work in a big company and earn a lot of money right? 

There is a notion that post our graduation or masters; we are limited to a career path defined by our academic background. 

Aabid Mir used to think this way too. But, he wanted to prove that it is possible to take our passion and turn it into a career, regardless of what we studied. And that is exactly what he did. 

"During the time of my MBA and during my time at a reputed MNC in India, I spent most of my free time at the gym, doing my strength training. And I had fallen in love with lifting weights. What started as a way to cope with a difficult time and stress, turned into a desire to change my life and that of others too. Flash forward a few months, and I am now an owner at a reputed gym in Jammu and Kashmir under the brand name ENERGYM which is founded and owned by me since 2019. It is one of the finest places in the city to do cross-training, providing various options like strength and conditioning, boxing, MMA, yoga, and Zumba. The place and people inspired me so much. I knew that this is where I belong. With plenty of heart, hard work and dedication" said Aabid Mir

Aabid Mir turned his passion into a successful career. This passion arose from a difficult time in his life. Though he has been into gymming and fitness for a very long time, the urge to make this his profession came during the time working in one of the biggest MNC (Accenture Pvt ltd.) in Mumbai. 

Aabid Mir felt like "what I am doing here, I am working for someone else’s dreams" that is where it strike his mind that he must do something for himself and his people and he came up with an idea of starting his fitness chain as it was the need of an hour in his locality at that time. 

It was a revolutionary change in the atmosphere of fitness in his area as there was no such huge setup of the fitness centre at that time. People were excited for the opening of the setup under the brand name ENERGYM. This way he contributed toward society and helped a few unemployed youths to get employment in their locality. It helped him become physically and mentally stronger. And he wanted to make others feel the same too. 

While speaking to AUYK Blogs, he said "The journey was not easy. Giving up my job in a reputed MNC in Mumbai and Convincing my parents was the first hurdle and shut down due to the amendment of article 370 and the Covid-19 pandemic was the trauma, But I succeeded partially. Because I believe that nothing is impossible. We just have to realize that struggles are necessary and if we begin to appreciate them and consider them to be lessons rather than downfalls, we will always succeed. Probably the hardest part about my job (and anyone who follows their passion) is to constantly remind why I started, and remember always to take “me-time"

Today Aabid Mir is the Founder and CEO of ENERGY UNISEX CROSSFIT GYM with the overall memberships of more than 700 clients. The desire to contribute towards the well-being of society doesn’t stop here as he is also the Director of well-reputed centrally registered NGO "YAKJAAH FOUNDATION" which works for many social causes and development of society.