Sibtain: Anantnag boy, the owner of "Diverse Music Records" music label

Sibtain: Anantnag boy, the owner of " Diverse Music Records " music label.


Sibtain, also known as Sibtain Music was born on 6th December 2000 in Anantnag Town. Sibtain since his childhood was having a passion for Writing Poems and Articles.

He used to be interested in artistic things, such as Singing And Acting. Sibtain comes from a strictly religious background, it was never easy for him to get out from a point where Music was forbidden. He had run away from his home for his passion, spending nights lonely and crying.

Initially, it was a shock for Sibtain's father that, he is doing music and He and his Family both faced community issues, this led him to depression and he started being conscious about his future, dreaming of achieving heights.

Sibtain started his Music Production career when he was only 15, learning Music Production Softwares. In 2017, he produced music for a song called "Level", which made a revolution in Hip Hop of Kashmir and the song crossed 1 Million+ Views, featuring Faisal Macroo (Macstar) & RFA Faheem Altaf.


Sibtain gradually started as a Rapper & Music Producer but has the vision to grow R&B and Modern Music in Kashmir Valley, He is known for his work in "Demand", "Tu Soniye", "Ankh Ch Nasha" and has produced music in more than 80 songs.

Sibtain owns a Hip Hop Record Label "Diverse Music Records" having almost 5 Lakh+ Views & 10,000 Subscribers.

He features various kinds of artists on his Channel. "As an artist working from past 6 years,

While having a conversation with AUYK Blogs, he said
"I haven't grown that much; because I don't care much about views, rather keeping in mind to bring something different to the audience". 


He currently works as a Music Producer and Songwriter and as an R&B Vocalist. He has many dreams to fulfil for him and the sake of Hip Hop growth in Kashmir.

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