Muneer Ahmad Dar: Budgam's prominent speaker is reviving Kosher in real terms

Muneer Ahmad Dar: Budgam's prominent speaker is reviving Kosher in real terms

Muneer Ahmad Dar: Budgam's prominent speaker is reviving Kosher in real terms

At the time when youth are glued to E-content from all over the globe, the Kashmiri language seems to be messing around this digital space that too in its real form.

Amidst the craze for Urdu, Hindi moreover towards Punjabi a prominent speaker who also hosts Good Morning J&K show. Muneer Ahmad Dar from Budgam hamlet decided to present the purest form of Kashmiri language in video format so that youth and the general public get to know the real form of their mother tongue Kashmiri. 

These videos are posted on the Facebook page Muneer Speaks in fixed time slots, and get shared thousands of times within few hours of upload. 

Muneer Ahmad Dar (Who owns the Page MuneerSpeaks) from Khag area of central Kashmir’s Budgam district is on a mission of reviving the real Kashmiri among youth, these days, he said

Muneer Ahmad Dar: Budgam's prominent speaker is reviving Kosher in real terms

He started the #ReviveKoshur campaign with Shiekh  Ul Alam (RA) series.  A series of 30 videos were created by Muneer Dar. In this series each day commencing with Ramadan days one Shalook (Shruk) of ShiekhulAlam’ was recited attractively with the meaning of difficult words used in that ‘Shalook’

Then he came up with mindblowing  Kashmiri riddles series comprising 15 videos. These were posted thrice a week in June. This series generated  6 million minute views on the said Facebook page.

These days Muneer Ahmad Dar is doing another series where he is comparing Kashmiris glorious past with present times.

In this series, different topics are seen in the light of their history and compared with their alternatives which developed love over the last century.

This series is presented long with English subtitles or the wider engagement of audiences across the Facebook platform. 

Moreover, all these series culminate with a live Facebook quiz, th the brainchild of MuneerSpeaks.  In these quizzes, winners get instant cash prizes transferred to their accounts.

When people around are grabbing attention in the name of pranks even nothing to learn from, Muneer Ahmad Dar, decided to do the relatively tougher task where attracting youth and the general public was much difficult but the graphics being used in these videos is marvellous which attracts more and more viewers to connect with each new episode of the series.

Dar said, ” I am myself learning Kashmiri with each video I shoot and publish. I never knew the purest (Taksali) form of my mother tongue.”

I wonder that a man in the 15th century wrote what research and development are proving in the 21st century. He didn’t attend any formal school but knew the socio-economic setup of the community back then. His s are attractive and relevant to the present 21 century as well.

Seeing the response from people Dar has decided to do more videos in season 2 of this series.”Many people like share and comment on these video posts, they even urge me to continue the series post-Ramadan.” Dar said adding that 20 parts of this series have been watched over 12 million minutes in just two months days.

Muneer Ahmad Dar has chosen short duration videos seeing the attention span of people while being on the social media platform. it is pertinent to mention that these videos are produced with a smartphone only.

The Internet has created institutions in individuals across the globe and it will continue in the future. 

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