Problems faced by Common People due to price rise -Meer Zaika

Problems faced by Common People due to price rise -Meer Zaika

Problems faced by Common People due to price rise -Meer Zaika

Today one of the major problems facing mankind is the problem of rising prices.

"In the past, we went to the market having money in our pocket and brought the things full of carts but in the present time, we went to the market with a lot of money but return with the things in the pocket. "

"Due to high price people are unable to take their bread and butter properly."

 In fact over the last few decades prices have risen nearly twenty times. 

There are many factors responsible for the rise in prices. Increasing population is one of them. Despite the increase in bumper harvest, the common man does not get it due to hoarding by unscrupulous traders and businessmen. 

Problems faced by Common People due to price rise -Meer Zaika

They also create artificial scarcity in the market; they sell the hoarded goods at a high price in the black market. Similar is the case of the raw materials for the industry. Inflation refers to the problem of rising prices. The problem has been with us for a long time now. 

The trend of rising prices in India has, in time, aroused dismay, consternation and anger. It has been witnessed that with time, the rich have become richer and the poor still poorer. 

The ever increasing population nullifies the growth in essential vital produce. Every second there are more mouths to feed. 

This too puts pressure on the food, clothing and shelter. In this way demand for these items far exceeds the supply which in turn is bound to increase prices. 

Problems faced by Common People due to price rise -Meer Zaika

There are many causes responsible for rising responsible for price rise. Sometimes nature makes our life very difficult. Flood, drought, earthquakes, curfews, strikes and wars disturbed our life. 

The crops are destroyed and we face a crisis of food grains. As a result of the price in the market very high. The other reasons for high prices are corruption, black marketing, and smuggling. 

Some shopkeepers store the goods and in the market, we do not get them. After sometimes they sell these items at a very high price. The population problem has also made it very serious. We could not increase our food production in that ratio as the population is increasing every day.

Problems faced by Common People due to price rise -Meer Zaika

High prices have a very bad effect on people. These prices have increased the cost of living. The poor and the middle-class people are in a great problem due to it. They are not able to live properly eat enough food and sleep soundly. 

So I have requested to the government that they are aware of this problem. The number of steps has been reduced. The hoarders and the black marketers are being punished. Some food grains (wheat rice, sugar, pulse) are being imported from other countries and giving to people at cheap rates. 

The growth of the population is also been stopped. This problem (increasing price day by day) can be solved by our collective efforts. We should not store much food in our homes and try to increase the production of our agriculture. 

For the common man, a price hike in one particular commodity can affect his entire budget and cut into his savings. It is up to the government to control hikes in prices so that the situation doesn’t become unbearable for ordinary citizens. 

written by : Meer Zaika

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