Shaista Yousuf - Voiceover Artist in Aao Unhe Yaad Karai


Passionate towards Studies and love for solitude defines me. I at an early age was trying to fix myself emotionally and talent wise a dias girl, crazy for lectures and

 competitions.I have won so many awards there but with time I got to discover my new face that would see the different colours combining and forming an art like calligraphy, which started a year ago.I got involved in it and found myself in peace. After the death of my Dad, I got shunned from the society, as I always would smell the sweetness of solitude and blending the raw in me into the colourful calligraphy, helping and soothing my dead world inside me for the better connection.

    My passion for studies never stopped ,but got to zeniths with the help of Calligraphy.I would write and draw different names, lines and phrases ranging from religious scriptures to the choicest ones. I usually write the Quranic Verses which heals my soul and takes me close to me.

Self Wittten by SHAISTA YOUSUF

from Ladhoo Pampore, Dist:Pulwama.