Zahid Shafi : A struggling Writer from Shopian, Kashmir

Zahid Shafi : From a small village manzimpara of district shopian of Kashmir valley, currently a student of GDC shopian for completing BA. 

Zahid Shafi - A struggling Writer from Shopian, Kashmir

He is only 19 year old and is polishing his hands in writing since 2019 . He considers writing as a tool of expression. He writes what he can't share thorough sounds.

Zahid Shafi - A struggling Writer from Shopian, Kashmir

 Zahid is mainly linked with English poetry . He is also establishing his hands in Urdu writings . His each writing is reflection of his life .He find writing as peace and self contentment. Writing brings him the wisdom and the vision that nothing else can do for him

He thinks love is only weapon which can conquer every tough thing۔ Zahid acted as a co-author of many anthologies like Mystery, Deep Buried , Venomous Love,  Now he is planning to publish his own poetry book ۔

Read some of his poems 👇


My heart beats faster,

Just thinking about it

Why does my moon shines

On the roof of someone else?

Oh, dear, I was drowning,

In the moisture of your eyes

I am not sure what kind of people

Discovered the shores

From the most ruthless one! Of affection

The merciless one Did not offer me,

 Any assistance or love

He'd gotten separated from me,

And I never found her again

It is doubtful that I will fall in love again

You've completely destroyed me,

And no one will accept me now

I searched all the paths , with a lantern in my hand

But I didn't find anyone else except you in my heart

They say that if you try hard enough ,

You might even find God

Oh, my bad , I can't even find my love

Weather it's day or night,

There's always twilight in my heart

For me, nothing has changed

I was devastated and I still am

I forgot about the world for her,

But she also forgot about me

My only complaint about my luck is that

Why couldn't I get any help from it?

From the most ruthless one!

Of affection


"Last moments of crow"

O the potent god !

Let undo the chaste from pang

The toddler playing with cramp

And hopes of ransom comes end

Ahhhhh!!!! Totally shattered

The head tangled to sky

Making the sighs to moving airs

Help , help , help۔۔۔۔۔۔

The noise of pards 

Hauled the around on heads

Forging the sue to fearless man

Help ! O arrogant one , for the sake

Let prick the flyer again active

His aim to cut the hearts of air

Not laying as desperate at down

But the eyes take a slow blink

The neck twists to the earth

O the one is drowned in endless twilight

And was the last moments of flying crow


My heart started following you

And all I could do was just watch

There's surely something between us 

That is left unsaid

What I haven't said yet ?

I want to say it for the first time today

You're there in my heart , and eyes too

From the first glimpse

This is the conspiracy of love

That we have met again 

I was a crazy wanderer 

My feet didn't stop anyplace

Then my waywardness started dreaming of you

Love is a strong kind of prison

No one wants to get released from it

Without you all these seasons

Were colourless , were hapless

All the moments in which 

You were absent were worthless

That life was no life 

That I lived without you

You're there in my heart and eyes too

From the first glimpse, o my love


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