Sahiba Irshad Wani : How art and poetry helped her to recover from depression

Sahiba Irshad Wani: from Dupathyar Bijbehara Anantnag. Her schooling was done from Radiant Public School Anantnag and today she is Preparing for NEET

Sahiba Irshad Wani - How art and poetry help her

Since childhood, she wished to help her parents and fulfil their dreams, wanted to remove the burden and the struggle they faced since they were alive. Getting old she was overwhelmed by depression and anxiety for 4 years and that was the toughest period for her. The struggle in this crucial world and many more reasons when she felt no one for her would assist and support her, most of the times she loosed all her emotions and hope.

"I locked my room crying with my toys when everyone used to play, I used to cry with my depression 

Then I started growing up but still, anxiety hasn't left my back but the thing is I have never left hope and courage having faith in Allah" said Sahiba Irshad while talking to AUYK Blogs

Sahiba Irshad Wani - How art and poetry help her

She used to write down her feelings and those scars in her heart in the form of poems and she also used to paint which relaxed her soul 

Her mom used to scold her to spend time on studies but she believed that Allah has bestowed her with multiple talents and she can't waste that.

She has to harness them and make her parents feel proud so that everyone could say "see they are parents of Sahiba they raised her with good tarbiyah and she has made them shine"

Often her parents were against her art but she has never stopped. The situation is completely changed now as they love and support her because they got what her passion was.

Sahiba Irshad Wani - How art and poetry help her

Sahiba Irshad promised her parents to qualify NEET but besides that, she wants to be a successful Artist and a Writer 

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She writes poems Majority on anxiety and depression 

At least anyone could get inspiration and not end their life as she wanted to do when she was in the same stage.

" I too want to get opportunities in a different art competition and writing competition" she added

Here is one of her poem

(My instant Depression) 

My poor soul is ambushed by slump
And those hungry crocodiles waiting to clump 
phantom heartbreaks my soul and terrifies me
Those dark winds scanning my reality
My stabbed notched nose being plugged
well again my blues arr roaring to me 
i feel scars and pity holes inside my chest
like pointed needles perforate my heart at their best
sometimes my nerves loosing their temper, shrivel up
Then those idle RBC's waiting for breakup
lofty ones staring to my beautiful visage
ignoring my wounded heart full of cleavage
i want this beautiful anxiety to overcome me
leaving my soul glutted with grief and sorrow
Then i ask lord to kindle my anxiety
To free me from the curse and atrocity

Sahiba irshad wani

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