Danish Parmu : An Entrepreneur changing the mindset of the People

Danish Parmu : This 24 years old guy from Srinagar is one of the influential personalities earning 6 figure income at the young age 

Danish Parmu - An Entrepreneur changing the mindset

Danish Parmu, A student of Burn Hall School, Srinagar. After completing his 12th class exams he visited Chandigarh to pursue B.Tech in Civil Engineering. During his college days, one of his friends introduced him to the concept of Network Marketing

(Network marketing is a business model that depends on person-to-person sales by independent representatives, often performing from home. A network marketing business may require you to create a network of business partners or salespeople to help with lead generation and shutting sales)

Danish Parmu - An Entrepreneur changing the mindset

His friend told him about Forever Living Products (FLP)

but he wasn't sure about this cause he was never introduced with such a reputation that pays in Laks, Danish said " Yeh aase kah Scam"

After some days Danish saw a friend receiving a cheque worth ₹6000 and he got shocked as this amount of money was very big for a college-going student.

After some hurdles, he got impressed and joined the Company.

He kept doing hard work with smart work it took him 3 years and today he is having a team of around 2500+ members and earning around 2 lacs per month which is very huge 

Danish Parmu , is a motivational speaker, Business Coach and Personality Development Trainer who gives the free class to thousands of students about the importance of Personality Development and Communication skills.

"I don't know how to thank almighty that through him hundreds of guys are earning and that is the big thing for me," said Danish Parmu while speaking to AUYK Blogs on a Phone Call.

Danish Parmu - An Entrepreneur changing the mindset

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Q. What message do you want to give to our youth?

Danish Replied : 

"Financial Independence is the key. Try to be financially stable at a young age. At this time there is no value for the Government Job other than doing a successful business as the richest people in the world ate the Entrepreneurs, businessmen not any kind of Government Employee. Learn the essential skills like Graphic Designing, Website Building, Podcasting, Making Digital Content no matter from which background you belong.

Start network marketing as soon as possible (with a highly prolific company) because it is the future. It's not a Ponzi scheme or a scam as some companies are working on pyramid schemes. FLP is a pure and genuine company with a generation  business module, which neither is a pyramid or a scheme!  If you want to get rich without investing you need to form a network  (Your network will be your net worth) as I did and Alhamdullilah made it within some months, I became a 6 figure income earner in JAN  2019 and brought my car in Feb 2019 from this concept. This concept has changed the life of many people and the next is you" he added

He works on the principle "WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS"

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