Class 12th Topper Ilsa Shafi Talks About The Stereotypes Of Indian Education System

Class 12th Topper Ilsa Shafi Talks About The Stereotypes Of Indian Education System

Class 12th Topper Ilsa Shafi Talks About The Stereotypes Of Indian Education System

“It is an extreme deception that people believe India lacks in providing vast streams in education.”

--Ilsa Shafi

In the world of academics, achieving the coveted title of ‘class 12th topper’ is no small feat. It represents countless hours of hard work, dedication and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Today, we have the privilege of delving into the mind of Ilsa Shafi, a remarkable individual who has not only secured the highest academic position but has also become an inspiration for countless students across the nation.

Ilsa Shafi is a 19 year old student from Govt. Girls Hr. Sec School Baramulla who recently topped in the UTs of Jammu and Kashmir in home science stream.

She has been a meritorious student scoring 95% in her 10th , 97% in 11th and 98% in 12th.

Ilsa has won awards and felicitations for her contributions and achievements in life. She has been one of the most remarkable student of Girls hr sec Baramulla.

On asking her about her reaction on securing first position, here is what she says-

“it’s a pretty cliché question to ask despite the fact that the individual is so absorbed in the idea of “dreaming” that he/she doesn’t even remember anything happening around.

It was pretty normal for me. I had a huge gust of red blush on my face out of the sudden surprise that I have topped in whole state. My mind was only thinking about my alarm clock which could wake me up anytime soon and break this beautiful sleep bubble.”

What was the reaction of people around?

“Since I was totally dispersed in the surprise, I could blurrily see my sister climbing walls out of joy and my mom explaining my grandmother what huge arrow I had hit. Rest my dad were for namaz and came back with a wide smile and even wider chest. My grandfather had always believed in me so, a tight hug from him made me realized this isn’t a dream but a beautiful reality”

What do you think about home science?

“I believe home science is a very logical stream. It is very vast when it comes to giving exposure to students. It’s a study of almost everything a person should have within him.

The subjects change in 11th and 12th so, you get to taste every spoon. The way it requires for you to give your point of views on different aspects actually helps the student to cross the embeds of his own mind and think out of the box, come up with an outstanding comment and think practically.”

What is the scope in home science?

“As much as I have researched about the streams, I can totally assure you, home science is the one which has numberless career opportunities like Pediatrician, nutritionist, interior designer, exterior designer, fashion designer, hotel management, culinary expert, social activist, gender empowerment activist, family counsellor, event manager and what not. And all of these options not only give you a secure job, but also give you the exposure of outer world.”

How is home science seen in the visions of Indians?

“The answer to this question is very sad. People in India complain about the education system for being limited and not providing a vast path to achieve different careers, but little do they know they have been already provided with such an immaculate stream of ‘home science’ which can lead them to their expectations.

The idea of studying culinary arts, fashion designing, interior designing and all the subjects sound so dreamy for every Indian as they always wish to have all this in India too like they have in USA and other foreign countries.

They are unaware of the fact that India has this type of study too that too since ages. Home science is there for it. It is an extreme deception that people believe India lacks in providing vast streams in education. The only reason because of what it is not profound is the way it is represented.

People usually judge it by the name being related to home. It is way more vast than that. It is eccentric and bounded by no limitations.”

Do you feel like other streams like science and commerce and arts are given more attention?

“Of course I believe so. When I topped, near no one took my interview or posted a news solely about me. It was a little heart breaking to see but at some point I understood the misconception about this stream among people so I preferred to remain quiet.”

How do you think we can solve this deception among people?

“Presentation is the key. I would really love to see all the schools representing home science with zeal and interest. It should be offered in almost every school and there should be a proper teaching department for it.

In my school, Girls hr sec Baramulla, I luckily had the best teachers for it. They used to make us do different ways of discussion sessions and presentation ways to get the gut out of us.

My teachers Shaista maam and Sandeep maam actually knew how to take every kind of opinion and suggestions when asked about it and mold it into something even more intellectual. I wish every school to have teachers like them who can teach with such zeal and interest.”

What suggestion would you like to give to students choosing home science?

“if you are thinking to enter the world of home science with the concept of it being easy, then it will actually be a little too dense for you. Take this steam with the concept of it being vast in exposure and intellectual, you will get a star there.”

Ilsa’s success story is not merely a result of study day and night. It is a testament to her ability to effectively manage her study layouts while preparing for exams.

“Before studying for the exam, study the exam”, says Ilsa.

“Sit for an hour before starting your studies and examine the layout of your question papers. The school board gives you 100% legit paper pattern, only the questions are unknown. This way will take one hour of you but will save you days.”

Ilsa’s words of wisdom resonate beyond the realm of academia. We extend our gratitude to Ilsa Shafi for sharing her time, knowledge and experiences with us.