Kashmir’s Most Influential Author - 2022


Kashmir’s Most Influential Author - 2022

Kashmir’s Most Influential Author - 2022

Here are Kashmir’s Most Influential Authors - 2022

1. Maajid Mohi Ud Din Malik

Kashmir’s Most Influential Author - 2022

Maajid Mohi Ud Din Malik is an Assistant Professor, writer and author of Special Investigations in X-ray, CT protocols and Review of Medical Imaging MCQ’S. Professionally trained in Medical Imaging, Maajid has spent the last 06 years reading and writing books and Articles! which explore the importance we place on legacy. Maajid has worked extensively in Many places, learning about Medical imaging. As an author, writer and educator he has proven his excellence and quality.


Special Investigations in X-ray-2020

CT protocols-2021

Review of Medical Imaging MCQ’S-2022


2. Qurat Shah

Kashmir’s Most Influential Author - 2022

Qurat Shah is an author/co-author. She is 23 years old & resides in Srinagar, the summer capital of J&K. Besides co-authoring she has two books to her name. Apart from her writing career, she is doing her bachelor's in Law. In march 2022, she published a Kashmir-based book namely ' Since 90's' which encapsulates the agony and angst faced by the Kashmiri people. It's a short and language-friendly book that not only book readers but even commoners can read. It gives an idea of the turmoil going on in Kashmir for the past many years.

3. Batool Bilal

Kashmir’s Most Influential Author - 2022

Batool Bilal hailing from Anantnag Kashmir is a class 12th science student as well as a writer too. She started her journey of writing in 2020 when the world was engulfed in threats and stress and she devoted her time to writing and start putting down her thoughts which are still going on. She has authored " UNFOLDING THE GUSTY MIND " her debut poetry book in which she has inked many social evils also she compiled two books which are yet to be published. Moreover, her main focus is to write on social evils prevailing in her surroundings and especially in the valley and wants to represent Kashmir at National and international levels.

4. Musaib Ul Hussain

Kashmir’s Most Influential Author - 2022

Musaib ul Hussain is an Author from Chadoora, Budgam. He started writing in 2020 and has contributed to different books

"Forced marriage" is his first book and Creative Writing from the recent authors of this era. After starting writing different books Musaib recently completed some books namely "forced marriage", and presently working on a small booklet namely " 100 poems" and different books which are moving in his mind like "struggle of life” He is currently a bachelor in Cardiac Care Technology in Adesh University Bathinda Punjab.

5. Zaakir Altaf Bhat

Kashmir’s Most Influential Author - 2022

Zaakir Altaf Bhat is a 24 Years old Author from Anantnag Jammu and Kashmir. The first Published Book THREE THOUSAND DAYS a great amalgam of poetry that has poems weaving the Emotional, Philosophical, Cultural and Conflict threads. Poems embedded the fragrances of Loss, Hope, Love, Romance, Dreams and sorrows. The Book was published by CAROLING PEN PUBLISHING House in the Year 2021. Three Thousand Days is available in leading Bookstores in 68 countries including France, Canada, Italy, UK and China.

Zaakir Altaf Wrote his Second Book ISLAMOPHOBIA in the Year 2022 in which he explains the Hatred against Islam and the islamophobic incidents the following islamophobia all over the World. The Book will be available in the online Bookstores of India and outside in January 2023.

Zaakir Altaf has also Contributed his Poetry to Dozens of Anthologies compiled by various authors all over India.

6. Qamar u Nisa

Kashmir’s Most Influential Author - 2022

Qamar u Nisa is a Published Author and Motivational Speaker From Anantnag Jammu and Kashmir.

RAMOOZ E DIL The first Published work. The poems in this collection of poetry touch every human emotion.

She started writing and Enlightening the Literature when she was in 8th standard at that time she only used to write stories and loved to collect poetry couplets.

Qamar u Nisa is well known for her short stories, poetry, articles, and songs, apart from that she loves to motivate people who always think of giving up.

She used to share good teachings through Social media handles like Instagram and Facebook. She loves to learn different languages, as she speaks and writes in English, Urdu, Kashmiri, Arabic, Turkish, and Punjabi. She has been a part of the anthologies "Merged Miracles" and "Kuch Kahaaniyaan Aisi Bhi".