What are the three types of Government Teachers?

What are the three types of Government Teachers?

What are the three types of  Teachers?

Our Society is blessed with three main types of teachers viz 

  • Elite teachers running Coaching centres 
  • School Teachers, Assistants Of Heads and Half clerks 
  • Royal Teachers. 

Elite Teachers 

What are the three types of Government Teachers?

There are so many Govt teachers who are running coaching centres in Kashmir. They have an old fashioned taste for them. Our society has very great regard and respect for them as they are considered to be the most intelligent persons. Not only parents but also students have very high regard for them. 

We call them the most dedicated and hardworking teachers. Very unfortunately they have earned names like honest, humble, holy and servants of the nation. 

I disagree with it. No doubt a few among them are really like so but most of them have made it a self-sua selfing business. They have lost morality, the essence of life & a true sense of education. 

We are the witness of it that the girls are wearing unusual and immoral dresses, boys following unislamic fashion and teachers crossing every line while interacting with students. Most of the Govt teachers who have been running coaching or tuition centres have earned crores of money. 

Have well established their future & even made the means to secure the coming generation of their family. Staying at school and teaching the same students seems to them as one of the most boring work.

A single class brings headache and shivering to their whole body but may stay 24hours on toe at their coaching centres. 

They have beautiful houses, comfortable vehicles,well-established business sectors & even their private School. the money they have dragged from their parents has made them successful Govt teachers

School Teachers 

What are the three types of Government Teachers?

There is another category of Govt teachers who work 24 hours to gain all the closeness and warmth from their heads. They work for their attention and support. 

They aim to control the whole Institute and to get name & fame among students. They work as half clerks and complete bodyguards of their heads. They can't teach in private coaching centres. 

They are jealous of the first category of Govt teachers. They are the heads and stakeholders of important changes in the schools. 

They are important customers of society during Board Exams. You will see their full control in schools. They are the tutors of Govt sponsored free coaching centres in schools. 

They have the power to roar at anyone and even may use the name of their heads at any stage. They hate coaching centres and have a bitter hatred for tutors of coaching centres. 

Royal Teachers 

What are the three types of Government Teachers?

The other category is of Royal teachers. They are Royal by heart and in society. They are neither interested in private coaching nor school official work. They only care about their class and duty. They want to spend holidays with family, relatives & friends. 

You may call them boring, sometimes indolent or irresponsible teachers but in a true sense, they are the persons who are meant for teaching. 

They know the actual status cum true nature of their comrades either who have sacrificed their lives for coaching centres or who have made roots firm in schools. 

There is no denying the fact that some Govt teachers are intelligent, dedicated and honest persons but there are numerous among them who are illiterate and uneducated from birth. 

We have seen teachers fighting on school charges, status, bread & salary but have hardly heard of teachers who have raised their voice for students' education. 

It seems both are playing a game of revenge where both Institutes have become battlefields. 

"My aim in writing this post is not to criticize anyone but to remind them about their mission. I, Mr Mir Jafar, am not a Govt teacher but I am a part of this society. I have very high regard for a teacher and on every big platform

I have talked about the greatness of a teacher. We must ask ourselves what we have done with this holy & noble mission. 

Is our soul ready to certify us as the best teacher! If yes then we must appreciate otherwise if it is no then we need to think about it"

This article is written by : Mr Mir Jafar