Dr. Arpit Bansal: A Pioneer in Advanced Surgery and Medical Awareness

Dr. Arpit Bansal: A Pioneer in Advanced Surgery and Medical Awareness

Dr. Arpit Bansal A Pioneer in Advanced Surgery and Medical Awareness

Dr. Arpit Bansal, an eminent figure in the world of medicine, shed light on his remarkable journey as an advanced laparoscopic, cancer, and bariatric surgeon, as well as his commitment to spreading health awareness. In a candid and insightful interview with AUYK BlogsDr. Bansal's story is not only one of professional excellence but also a testament to his dedication to improving healthcare for all.

Dr. Arpit Bansal's Rise to Prominence

Dr. Bansal shared the story of his rise to prominence, emphasizing how he quickly established a reputation as a go-to surgeon for complex cases. Patients from various districts seek his expertise, a testament to his skill and dedication to their well-being. He is an IBMS-certified surgeon, an accolade held by only a select few of the world's top doctors.
Dr. Arpit Bansal A Pioneer in Advanced Surgery and Medical Awareness

Robotic Surgery Pioneer

Dr. Bansal is a trailblazer in the realm of robotic surgery. He completed a fellowship in robotic and colorectal surgery at Portsmouth Hospital (UK). Furthermore, he honed his skills in advanced laparoscopy through a fellowship at a prestigious institute in France. His accomplishments have garnered recognition, including features in renowned publications like Forbes. Dr Arpit Bansal shared the space in the special edition of Forbes Magazine with his mother Dr Vandana Bansal in "Contributors of Modern India" section. Dr. Arpit Bansal has established himself as an exceptional laparoscopic surgeon and an acclaimed wildlife photographer, capturing the images of over 1100 stunningly beautiful bird species in India alone. He has also clicked incredible pictures of some native birds in foreign countries as well.

Medical Awareness Advocate

Beyond his surgical prowess, Dr. Arpit Bansal is a tireless advocate for health awareness. He frequently conducts programs to educate people about cancer and its prevention. His remarkable success in bariatric surgery, a key solution for obesity, has changed lives. Dr. Bansal highlighted the challenges faced by obese individuals and the limited success of diet and exercise alone. In such cases, bariatric surgery, in which he excels, offers a viable solution. His endeavors have significantly reduced the need for patients to travel to major cities like Delhi or Mumbai for treatment, as he has brought affordable and accessible options to his own city.

Dr. Arpit Bansal A Pioneer in Advanced Surgery and Medical Awareness

A Legacy of Inspiration

Dr. Arpit Bansal attributed his choice of a medical career to his mother's influence. His deep-rooted desire to help others motivated him to select a profession where he could make a substantial impact. Dr. Vandana Bansal's inspiration, combined with Dr. Arpit's passion for assisting people from a young age, led him on this remarkable path. As Dr Arpit shares, “I intend to live life to my fullest. I like to help other human being, besides I am also compassionate towards all the living beings on this planet. I want to contribute to make this world a better place to live.”

Minimally Invasive Surgical Expert

Dr. Arpit Bansal is highly proficient in performing complex surgeries with minimal invasiveness. He skillfully handles a range of procedures, from liver stones and uterine cysts to various cancer surgeries, hernia repairs, appendectomies, vasectomies, and prostate surgeries, all using minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques. His mission is to demystify laparoscopic procedures, ensuring that patients have the knowledge and confidence to undergo these surgeries without fear. According to Dr. Bansal, laparoscopic surgery offers many advantages, including smaller incisions, less pain, and a reduced risk of infection, resulting in faster recovery and shorter hospital stays.
Dr. Arpit Bansal A Pioneer in Advanced Surgery and Medical Awareness

Transforming Jeevan Jyoti Hospital

The unwavering efforts of Dr. Vandana and Dr. Arpit Bansal have transformed Jeevan Jyoti Hospital into a leading center for advanced laparoscopic surgery. They have brought numerous improvements and modernization to the hospital, benefiting patients in numerous ways.

Health Awareness Activist

Dr. Arpit Bansal remained a proactive voice in the fight against COVID-19. He utilizes social media platforms to continuously raise awareness about the virus and conducts vaccination awareness programs. Even in the face of the pandemic's challenges, Dr. Bansal has provided free advice and support to individuals facing pandemic-related difficulties, ultimately saving lives.

Accolades and Achievements

Dr. Arpit Bansal's contributions have earned him recognition, including the Icon of Health Awards 2017 from The Times of India for maintaining quality in NABH-certified services.

As the independent manager and director of a prominent 200-bed Multispecialty NABH accredited hospital, Dr. Arpit Bansal stands at the forefront of medical advancements in Prayagraj. He spearheads the Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, Cancer Surgery, and Bariatric Surgery departments, setting exemplary standards in patient care.

Dr. Bansal has carved a niche in Prayagraj as a pioneer in laser proctology and varicose veins treatments. His expertise is frequently showcased at live laser surgery workshops, both as an organizer and as a revered guest faculty at various national conferences and CMEs.
With a robust foundation in robotic surgery backed by a prestigious fellowship from the UK, he is primed to lead the next wave of surgical innovations.

Beyond his medical endeavors, Dr. Bansal is an ardent bird enthusiast, ranking 6th nationally on the globally recognized www.ebird.org. His passion led him to orchestrate UP's first-ever birding workshop & documentation in collaboration with the eBird India team.

A fervent nature and ocean conservationist, he dives deep both literally, as an advanced PADI certified scuba diver, and figuratively with numerous conservation talks at educational institutions. His endeavors have been recognized by esteemed platforms like FOBES, Times of India, and Dainik Jagran, to name a few.

In his pursuit of community betterment, Dr. Bansal holds the chairman position for Disease Prevention and Health at Rotary Allahabad, organizing myriad health camps, cancer awareness drives, and talks. As an active member of Ekal Yuva, he motivates the youth with inspirational talks across schools and colleges. He's also championed the cervical cancer vaccine awareness drive, making impactful strides in public health.
His commitment to nature conservation is further highlighted by his support for WWF, creating bird-themed calendars featuring his own photography for the past three years.

Dr. Bansal's multifaceted achievements bear testament to his dedication to medical excellence, nature conservation, and community service.