Kashmir’s Most Influential Calligraphy Artist - 2022

Kashmir’s Most Influential Calligraphy Artist - 2022

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Kashmir’s Most Influential Calligraphy Artist - 2022

Breaking the social taboos, Many Kashmir has now chosen calligraphy, ancient art and are presenting it fascinatingly, giving a replacement lease of life to the art of calligraphy.

For the past few years, young artists from different parts of Kashmir have been trending on social media due to their calligraphy work and has earned a lot of love from the people.

Here are Kashmir’s Most Influential Calligraphy Artist - 2022

1. Zakiya Ajaz Rather

Kashmir’s Most Influential Calligraphy Artist - 2022

Zakiya Ajaz Rather, a self-taught calligrapher, lettering and sketch artist from the Batamaloo area of Srinagar city is winning accolades from those who come across her art.  

Zakiya did her schooling at Woodlands House school, currently studying Arts and aspires to become a mature artist and at the same time wants to excel in the academic field as well.

"I developed my interest in this field in my early childhood. I try to draw my imagination out to create a new form of expression,” says Zakiya.

Zakiya's personal Instagram Account is replete with calligraphic sketches she has drawn. Her mesmerizing art is attracting the attention of all who come across them. She says some people are ready to pay her and she takes orders on social media.

2. Batool Uz Zuhra

Kashmir’s Most Influential Calligraphy Artist - 2022

Batool Uz Zuhra, is a self taught calligrapher from district Anantnag. Currently she is pursuing bachelor’s in medical lab technology. For her, art is not only doing something with brushes,canvas,paint or something like that. It is an emotion,way of expressing your joy, sorrow, its a way of bringing people into relationships. Her relation with art is different it has always been her best friend and escapism too.

3. Rutba Bilal

Kashmir’s Most Influential Calligraphy Artist - 2022

Rutba Bilal hailing from khanabal Anantnag of valley . She is a class 8th student and a calligraphy artist . She begin with her journey of art from this very year and find that art can provide peace to every soul carving for peace . She believed that one should follo his/her passion to avoid stress , depression in this era where everyone actually is going through same . She is trying to be good day by day and share her art with world and want to represent her valley at National and international level . She is looking forward to learn more crafts and try to involve herself more in such good activities also she wants her parents and family to be proud of her and for that she is working hard day by day.

4. Tahoor Aijaz

Kashmir’s Most Influential Calligraphy Artist - 2022

Tahoor Ajaz is a 19 year old Calligrapher from Rainawari, Srinagar. Tahoor is currently pursuing his graduation in English Literature from Islamia College of Science and Commerce, Srinagar.

His journey of calligraphy began with his father's dream of seeing him doing Khattati. After, qualifying his higher secondary exams, he started looking for calligraphy institutes in and around Srinagar and landed at Elif Learning Academy, Karan Nagar. 

A prominent Calligrapher/Trainer Soleh AnNajari guided and trained him through his journey for fulfilling his father's dream.  

5. Taiba Bhat

Kashmir’s Most Influential Calligraphy Artist - 2022

Taiba bhat hailing from mattan chowk anantnag is a class 12th medical student. Taiba has done her high school schooling from BLOSSOM PUBLIC SCHOOL ANANTNAG and now is studying in GOVT. GIRL'S HIGHER SECONDARY RANIBAGH ANANTNAG .Taiba is a passionate artist and started her journey of art from current year . Her affinity towards the islamic culture and makes her to dwell more into this field as she loves to write the Qur'anic verses and is having an immense love for the Islamic culture . Following this passion of her she become deep into it and find her peace in this field . Art is all about putting all your pains and gains on the paper . Taiba said '

Currently she is working very hard to do her best in this field . Being in a society where depression , suicide has become one of the common news and when everyone is affected by this she make her brush as her weapon and started to paint .

6. Aiman Showkat

Kashmir’s Most Influential Calligraphy Artist - 2022

Aiman Showkat an calligraphy artist from Baghat Srinagar. She started taking a lot of interest in the lines in art and craft after that when she felt that yes means she is able to make. She started watching YouTube so that she could learn it. Today she also do English calligraphy. She also have art of doing Arabic calligraphy also in which she write verses of Quran.