Delhi Murder case - Why Islamophobic?

 Delhi Murder case - Why Islamophobic?

Delhi Murder case - Why Islamophobic?

By: Mehnaz Binti Rashid 

The monstrous Delhi murder case has shaken our souls and consciousness to its core. It gives me goosebumps every time I read anything about it on social media. This is insane and inhumane, the murder of the whole of humanity. 

People like Aftaab are a threat and disgrace not only to society but to the whole humanity. They're beasts and beasts have no religion. We demand the strictest punishment for Aftaab. Hang him, cut him into the pieces the same way he did with shraddha. 

Yes, we all stand with Shraddha and demand justice for her. But some people are associating it with religion (Islam) which is totally quite brazen and islamophobic in nature. 

Delhi Murder case - Why Islamophobic?

Because it has nothing to do with religion. We have seen people like him in other communities as well, that doesn't give us the right to insult and disrespect any religion. Be it Hinduism, Islam, Christianity or else. 

It doesn't matter to which religion one belongs, if one has made up his/her mind for something iniquitous like homicide they'll do it. They become soulless the moment they think it. 

Let's not make it a Hindu-Muslim clash, let's all pray for Shraddha and demand justice for her.


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