Cory Jermaine : A successful model and Actor who always inspire others

Cory Jermaine : A successful model and Actor who always inspire others

Cory Jermaine : A successful model and Actor who always inspire others

Cory Jermaine got a taste of the acting life as an extra in the hit comedy series “Impractical Jokers”. After this experience he was inspired to do more in the film industry. He landed a few more roles as an extra on shows such as “LHHNY. 

He has also had a very successful modeling career. Coming from humble beginnings with his first gig for Abercrombie & Fitch as a shirtless model during their peak Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays using his alluring physique and infectious smile to reel in customers who otherwise would not have had an interest in the store. From that experience a seed was planted and he began to get more modeling work. 

His next gig was for a well known charity “The Millhouse Project” in his home state of Alabama. Soon after getting his start in the modeling industry he set to take on a challenge and move to Atlanta where he felt he needed to be at the time. He began as a brand ambassador for Ariel Inc. who at the time only made women clothing. 

As he gained more experience he felt as though he should go for a bigger market and made the move to nyc. Upon moving to nyc he made a huge impact in his first show during fashion week with walk fashion show. He then gained more momentum and moved to Brooklyn fashion week where he worked with designers such as “Kid Super and Alexander Buschimi” Soon he was on his way. He worked with designers and photographers from Australia “Illeqwip”. 

Upon his next season of fashion week which would be his first living in nyc he opened the show for “Defend Brooklyn” in their first ever show for fashion week. This season would be his breakthrough as he also walked for “Toure Designsis” and highlighted street fashion week. 

Cory Jermaine -A successful model and Actor

He then went on to be the featured model with the lengendary brand “FUBU” in the launch of both their urban and suit line. He’s also done work with “Grungy Gentlemen” as a model in their past 3 shows. Cory Jermaine is in every essence a city country boy. 

He grew up on a farm in the heart of of Dixie as the last of 6 kids. Growing up in a large family he had to learn quickly how to survive as having older siblings means there’s little left when it gets down to him.


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