Qamru Nisa, a young writer from Anantnag breaking the barriers

Qamru Nisa, a young writer from Rampora Mattan district Anantnag. 

Qamru Nisa, a young writer from Anantnag

For Qamru Nisa, a writer is the only person who has more power in his/her pen than a sword. She started her writing when she was in 8th standard at that time she only used to write stories and love to collect poetry couplets.

But Allama Iqbal was her favourite, reading books and highlighting the favourite lines is still her habit. 

Qamru Nisa recently completed her B. A from G. D. C Women's Anantnag. 

Qamru Nisa, a young writer from Anantnag

While speaking to AUYK Blogs, she said "Alhamdullilah today I write short stories, poetry, articles, songs, apart from that I love to motivate the people who always think giving up is the only solution. I have been student editor of my yearly college magazine "Heemal"

She loves to learn many languages, as she speaks and writes in English, Urdu, Kashmiri, Arabic, Turkish, Punjabi. She has been a part of the anthologies "Merged Miracles" "Kuch Kahaaniyaan Aisi Bhi".

Qamru Nisa, a young writer from Anantnag

She is planning to launch her own book "Ramooz-e-dil" Collection of Nazms and ghazals. 

She has been selected for the "IYP " (India's youngest poet) award the event is going to be held outside the valley by the Indian Film House

"In literature, we having many great writers, but according to me, if a writer wishes he/she can change the game in a moment by their work. So, as a writer my biggest aim is to change others, spread love, especially I want my writing to become an inspiration and a life-changing tool to youth" she added

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