Bilqis Maqbool : A girl from Budgam and the winner of 5 gold medals


Bilqis Maqbool is 16 years old girl and is resident of Budgam is expertise for her mastery in martial arts.

Bilqis Maqbool -A girl from Budgam and the winner

Bilqis Maqbool , while having a Conversation with AUYK Blogs said that she joined pencak silat classes in 2017 where she learnt several things including self defence after which she participated in district level championship.

In the competition at the district levels, she stowed gold medals multiple times and got a spot in the State level championships.and got her spot for national level.

Bilqis Maqbool -A girl from Budgam and the winner

The coaches who train Bilqis were overwhelmed when we get in touch with in regard to a similar matter, not just in district level and State level championships Bilqis made entire jammu and kashmir by addressing India at International and national levels individually,

Bilqis Maqbool said that her family has been supporting her from the very beginning and they are extremely glad for her achievements. 

She likewise expressed her gratitude to her members for help and guidance especially Mohammad Iqbal."With rape and molestation cases expanding everywhere around the world, there is a need that each young lady ought to learn self defence to save herself from any odd circumstances,"Bilqis said Desire to turn professional player of martial arts.

Bilqis Maqbool -A girl from Budgam and the winner

Bilqis is additionally a splendid understudy with prominent grades.         

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"To keep ourselves fit and souyand to stay away from foul activities, there is a need to participate in sports activities,"



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