Pakeeza Bashir: A medical student turned Blogger and Author from Shopian

Pakeeza Bashir- A medical student turned Blogger

Pakeeza Bashir from district Shopian , Jammu and Kashmir. She is a medical student of class 11th and along with studies she is a blogger and Author who recently published her book "Fearless fear"

Her book fearless fear is all about fear. like; what actually fear is like :

👉 Some common types of fear.

👉 Whatmakes us fearful?

👉 Difference between fearful and fearless ?

👉 How to overcome fear and focus on your dreams ?

and some stories so that everyone can understand it betterly.

Pakeeza Bashir have written a book on fear because every person of the world are intimidate of something and that something can be anything so she just wanna make understand people that there is no fear in the world that cannot be conquered.

According to a survey " At least 60 percent of adults admit to having a minimum of one unreasonable fear, although research so far isn't clear on why these fears manifest.

One theory is that humans have a genetic predisposition to fear things that were a threat to our ancestors, like snakes, spiders, heights, or water, but this is often difficult to verify, although people that have a first-degree relative

Pakeeza Bashir: A medical student turned Blogger and Author from Shopian
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 with a selected phobia appear more likely to possess an equivalent one. Others point to evidence that individuals fear certain things due to a previous traumatic experience with them, but that fails to elucidate the various fears without such origins.

Personality traits like neuroticism appear to extend one's likelihood of developing a phobia, and a bent toward frequent worries and negative thoughts can also increase the danger , as may being raised by overprotective

 parents, losing a parent, or sexual or physical abuse. presumably is that folks follow multiple pathways to fears, not least among them the emotional response of disgust"

She had created a website as well, where she used to write creative and emotional stories so, that people will find interest in my stories & get inspiration as well.

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Recently she have started her YouTube channel as well. where she used to give motivation to the people because she believes that in today's situation we need more and more motivation so that we never get time to distract from our track.

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 Her main aim is to help people through her writings

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