Gurpriya Kour Marwah : A writer and a business owner from Kashmir

Gurpriya Kour Marwah : A writer and a business owner from Kashmir

Gurpriya Kour Marwah is a writer and a business owner from Kashmir.She did her early education from Presentation Convent , Srinagar and then shifted to Scared Heart Senior Secondary school,Dalhousie,H.P where she stayed in a boarding for 6 years.

Post her schooling she enrolled in the Indian Chartered Accountancy course but had always wanted to be in business and was waiting for the right time to do that

However during the past two years she had an encounter with depression and decided to take a break from studies.

Gurpriya Kour Marwah : A writer and a business owner from Kashmir

That's when poetry came to her rescue.

She started a poetry page which was otherwise supposed to be a photography page.

Gurpriya Kour Marwah has also co authored a few anthologies namely

"The conscious voice of mind", The Creative shadows", "In search of your soul" and few others.

Gurpriya Kour Marwah : A writer and a business owner from Kashmir

Soon after she decided to join in with her father in their business which she believes has an endless scope.

She ( Gurpriya Kour Marwah )loves to write about mental health and poems lovingly crafted to motivate women because she believes.

Read her writings 👇


Covered in white,a little shy and demure.

Oh Kashmir ,what an allure!

As you sleep in winter's gentle embrace.

I sit up all night adoring your heavenly grace.

The snow falls from the heavens high.

Rocking you to sleep with it's sweet lullaby .

I am in awe of how pure you look.

Divine, angelic and a little coy.

Gathered on the ground the snowflakes hum.

“sleep tight till the summers come".

And I shall too cleanse my heart.

Ponder my sins before the snow departs.

Lioness set free

I could tear down the heavens if need be.

I could strangle the death in it's sleep if need be.

I could paint the sky blood red and call it a hue.

I could hate myself as much as I cherish you.

Show me the Battle you fear and I shall win it for you.

And call me your Queen when I melt the fire into icy blue.

But you think I am not fit for the reign.

Meant for the scullery and washing the stains.

You denied me the sword for I am a She.

Now I shall destroy your kingdom like a Lioness set free.

Women leading tomorrow

Have you seen the color of valor in a woman’s eyes?

Tinted with a fiery passion that their stature belies.

Their heads decorated with a crown of brier.

Their hearts blazing with a seraphic fire.

A wife, a daughter and a mother.

Like different hues of nature painted with a golden feather.

Blessed be thy womb that birthed another.

‘tis how for centuries, the blood lines they furthered.

But let’s not forget their vision and dreams

Neither the times when they were wronged and their doleful screams.

Whilst we celebrate the diversity of the feminine hearts.

The strength and the affection that keeps us from falling apart.

Let’s also dive into the ocean of their souls.

The caskets beneath, where joys and sorrows grow like mistletoe.

A mother feeding her infant, a lovely story.

Or a daughter raped on the streets, an offense so gory.

Flame the courage in her, for she is not timid but means well.

“she has a fire burning in her”’ you would say.

“She will burn us down to hell”.

But then will come the winter with its cold and rainy spell.

And you will freeze in your cold cells.

Craving a little fire, I can tell.

So, show us that impending fight and your fears we shall swallow.

Let’s pave a path for our daughters to tread and to follow.

For the girls with vision today are the women leading tomorrow.


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